China Leads World In IPTV

Internet TV subscriptions top 65 million worldwide, with more than 16 million in China alone.

COLOGNE, Germany – The nascent online TV business continues to grow rapidly with global IPTV subscription figures hitting 65.6 million in the first quarter, a boost of nearly 4 million, according to a new report by U.K. group Point Topic.

The study shows China is the leader in IPTV, with subscriptions topping 16 million in the first quarter of this year, compared to just over 12 million in France and some 9 million IPTV subscribers in the U.S., the next-largest markets for online television.

The growth in IPTV is being driven by the overall global roll out of high-speed broadband Internet connections. Point Topic’s report shows broadband subscriptions increasing to more 600 million world-wide in the first three months of 2012. Asia remains the leader in broadband, with more than 260 million subscribers.