China orders 10 video Web sites to shut down

17 others warned for political content, pornography

SHANGHAI -- Chinese regulators have ordered 10 local video Web sites to cease operations, the third instance this year of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television moving to clean up the sector.

Along with the 10 told to cease operations, 17 other video Web sites on Monday were warned for posting audio and video content containing pornography, violence or content harmful to national security.

Sites on the new blacklist include the popular pirated movie-sharing platform and online game platform

"An oligopoly market is coming for the Chinese video Web sites industry," Victor Koo, CEO of popular video site, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Koo added that tighter regulations on content will also speed up the reconstruction of the video websites industry.

"Many small Web sites, which previously lived on illegal content will not survive any longer," Koo said. "Also, with the global financial crisis, Chinese video Web sites without sufficient investment are either looking for new buyers, or changing their business."