China gets first Scottish film fest

Tilda Swinton, 'I Know Where I'm Going,' open event

BEIJING -- Oscar winner Tilda Swinton christened China's first Scottish film festival on Friday at the China Film Archive in Beijing.

"My favorite Chinese movie is 'Spring in a Small Town.' But the original one in the 1940s, not the remake," Swinton, who wore a kilt for the occasion, told reporters.

Swinton, who won the 2008 best supporting actress Oscar for her performance in "Michael Clayton," referred to the 1948 black and white romance by Fei Mu, which was remade in 2002 by Tian Zhuangzhaung.

Friday night, Swinton will introduce her favorite Scottish films to the Chinese audience, beginning with "I Know Where I'm Going" by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, Xinhua reported.

Four other feature-length films and seven shorts will screen, including a trilogy of autobiographical films about growing up poor made from Scottish director Bill Douglas.

"I am confident that this festival will give pleasure to Chinese film lovers by sharing some of Scotland's best work both behind and in front of the camera," Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said.

"Together, the program will offer a perspective on half-a-century of Scottish filmmaking in a viewing environment sure to create an overwhelming sensual experience," added Fang Ming, an official with festival co-sponsor the British Council.

Scotland joins a short list of European territories including France and Germany that host film festivals in China.