China's Desen Launches Love Story Set in World of High Fashion

Ashley Eckstein, Geek Couture Fashion Show - H 2015
Her Universe/Ashley Eckstein

Ashley Eckstein, Geek Couture Fashion Show - H 2015

Romantic drama 'Shi Shang Nu Mo Tou', roughly translated at 'The She-Devil of Fashion', will seek to educate Chinese audiences on ideas of social etiquette, according to the producers.

China's Desen hopes to improve the social etiquette of the Chinese moviegoing public through its new production, Shi Shang Nu Mo Tou.

Roughly translated as 'The She-Devil of Fashion,' Shi Shang Nu Mo Tou is also widely known as one of the Chinese names of 2006 Fox hit The Devil Wears Prada.

Desen, however, says Shi Shang Nu Mo Tou is an original project that came into being after a conversation between the producers and a high-ranking fashion editor in China. "The movie aims to depict the romantic love story between two rivals in the fashion industry, and, at the same time, through the portrayal of fashion-centric ideas and social etiquette, gives the consumerist Chinese audience a more sophisticated perception of fashion," Shailene Huo, Desen's director of international business, told THR.

The cast and production dates of the project are yet to be confirmed.

According to the synopsis given to the Chinese censoring authority SAPPRFT, the film will revolve around two doctorate graduates' dream of creating a fashion empire. After much collaboration and competition, their love story comes to fruition at the end of an international fashion show.