China's Richest Man, Jack Ma, Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson at Alibaba Birthday Celebration

TPG/Getty Images
Jack Ma

The billionaire is 'Dangerous.'

Your move Jeff Bezos. 

Jack Ma, China's richest man and the CEO of the massive e-commerce to content giant Alibaba, often dubbed China's Amazon, thrilled employees at his company's 18th birthday celebration this week in Hangzhou with a special, and hugely impressive, dance routine in tribute to Michael Jackson. 

Ma, who has often spoken of his affinity for pop culture, donned a Dangerous-era Jackson outfit, riding on to the stage on a motorbike and then promptly wowed people with his Billie Jean routine.

If the site of a man worth almost $40 billion doing his best Michael Jackson wasn't surprising enough, Ma also performed a magic trick on stage that David Copperfield would have been proud of. 

This isn't Ma's first attempt to entertain his employees. In the past, he's sung songs from the Lion King. Elaborate executive performances at annual gatherings have become a recurring and colorful fixture of China's usually hard-driving corporate culture. Earlier this year, Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin performed several karaoke numbers for his Dalian Wanda Group staff at a company event in eastern China.