China's Wen Jiabao gets Facebook page

Premier's profile also a center for quake relief

HONG KONG -- Chinese premier Wen Jiabao became one of the first Chinese political leaders to have a page on social networking site Facebook, adding more than 7,000 supporters since Wednesday.

The page has become a hub for Wen's supporters as well as a support center for earthquake relief. A message, "Welcome to all the supporters of Premier Wen Jiabao" is displayed on the page's Wall. The page was created May 15, three days after the devastating earthquake in Sichuan that has claimed 68,000 lives. Wen flew to Sichuan hours after the earthquake to supervise the rescue mission and sympathized with the victims.

On the page, a photo of Wen addressing the press during the rescue mission in Sichuan appears alongside the music video of "Promise," a Mandarin-language song by singers from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, including Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Jay Chou.

Visitors wrote words of encouragement in Chinese, English and French on the page's Wall to show their support for the premier and the earthquake victims.

Wen's Facebook popularity surged after the New York Times publicized his profile, driving the total number of supporters to more than 26,000.
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