Chinese Actor Zhang Guofeng Arrested, Unmasked as Fugitive Ji Siguang

Sky News

The TV star, who changed his name after fleeing the scene of a crime in 1998, was taken into custody Dec. 8.

Similar to a plotine that could've been ripped straight from The Fugitive: Chinese character actor Zhang Guofeng was arrested on Dec. 8 after authorities unmasked him as Ji Siguang, a criminal on the run for 13 years.

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The Guardian, via the Huffington Post, reports that Guofeng, a character actor who once portrayed a detective on the television series Lurk, confessed to attacking a police officer in 1998. He fled the scene of the crime and took on a new identity and stage name, appearing undetected in some 30 shows; he was filming a role as a Buddhist monk in a series called Shaolin Tigers in the eastern province of Jinhua, when he was handcuffed and taken into custody. Police were reportedly alerted to Guofeng's true identity by anonymous tipsters rather than his TV celebrity.

Guofeng, 39, stands accused of assaulting an officer and stealing his gun during a robbery in the town of Quiqihar. He moved around a bit before throwing down roots in Zhejiang, where he worked as an extra at Hengdian World Studios and eventually worked his on camera.

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Guofeng is not the only star to have a run-in with Chinese police. Last week, Christian Bale got into a shoving match with local officers in a village near Beijing. The Dark Night A-lister was attempting to visit Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist living under house arrest, when officers pushed Bale's group back, punched and damaged a camera he was holding, and threw rocks at their car.


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