Chinese Airline Celebrates Launch of Japan Flight With Anime Theme

Shamoozal/Nacho Punch
Japanese anime characters were the inspiration for the themed flight.

Cosplay, video games and music from "Final Fantasy XIV" entertained passengers on Spring Airlines' launch of its Shanghai-to-Osaka route.

China's Spring Airlines teamed up with Shengda Games for an anime-themed launch flight for its Shanghai-to-Osaka service, reported China Daily on Thursday. 

The maiden two-hour voyage to Japan took off from Shanghai on July 18, and Spring made sure passengers were entertained the whole way, with flight-crew members dressed as anime characters and performing in an "anime musical carnival," all set to the soundtrack of the videogame Final Fantasy XIV.

Spring said it hoped to attract younger Chinese flyers with the stunt.  

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Spring Airlines is China's biggest low-cost carrier and has a reputation for staging questionable PR stunts to promote new services. Last April, the airline stirred up a fuss on Chinese social media for dressing all of its female flight attendants in skimpy maids' outfits and the male attendants as butlers. Recently, Spring proposed plans for "moon viewing" flights during the big Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese holiday timed around the fullest moon of the year, as well as flights that offer blind-dating services.  
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