Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Reportedly Released from Jail

No word yet from Ai or his wife Lu Qing.

SINGAPORE -- Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, detained since April, was released on bail on Wednesday, state media said, citing Beijing police.

It said the artist had been freed "because of his good attitude in confessing his crimes as well as a chronic disease he suffers from."

Ai was detained at Beijing airport on April 3.

Police told state media last month that a company Ai controlled, the Beijing Fake Cultural Development Ltd., had evaded a "huge amount" of taxes and destroyed accounting documents.

Ai's sister said she had no information yet about his release.

"There are these rumours that he has been let out on bail but we haven't heard anything yet. We haven't heard from Lu Qing (Ai Weiwei's wife), but Ai Weiwei is not home yet," Gao Ge said by telephone.