'Chinese Democracy' radio reception tepid

High spins but mixed reviews

NEW YORK -- U.S. rock radio outlets from Jackson, Miss., to Springfield, Mass., started their morning with the new Guns N' Roses single, "Chinese Democracy," and reaction to the band's first new song in nine years is running the gamut.

"This is what we've waited 15 years (or however long) for?," asked MD/morning host Matt Murray on WHTG/Monmouth-Ocean, N.J. "How long did we wait for the third Boston album? Remember how that turned out?," said KISS/San Antonio's John Lisle.

"I admit, it took a couple of listens, but 'Chinese Democracy' is really good," says PD Michael Cross at KFMW/Waterloo-Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "It's something that could have easily been on 'Use Your Illusion.' Much like 'It's So Easy,' with Axl's trademark screams and higher pitched vocals mixed underneath his lower vocals, the track rocks. Instant phones!"

Recalling that it has been 16 years since he last saw Guns N' Roses live, KISS/San Antonio PD LA Lloyd says, "It takes almost as long to get into the meat of the song as it did to get it out. I was hoping for more but who wasn't? I am putting this one on the air and (letting) the listeners decide. I hope the outcome is good. My prediction: 2010, Axl and the original members get back together for the biggest reunion tour ever."

According to Broadcast Data Systems, "Chinese Democracy" had been spun 49 times from its 5 a.m. ET digital arrival at stations through 11:20 a.m. ET. WAAF/Boston had played it five times, while WQXA/Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle, Pa., was next with four.

"Chinese Democracy" the album arrives Nov. 23 exclusively in Best Buy stores.
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