Chinese Drivers Get Caught Doing 'Fast & Furious'-Style Street Racing


Despite racing Ferraris, Lambos and McClarens, it turns out the drivers weren't all that fast or all that furious after getting caught

If you've ever watched The Fast & The Furious franchise and scoffed at the plausibility of street racing with ludicrously expensive cars, well think again. Sina is reporting that 13 Hong Kong nationals have been arrested just over the border in China for illegally racing 12 high-powered, high-performance and very high-priced sports cars.

Sina's news report says that the 12 sports cars, among them Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLaren road cars, were caught on an expressway outside the city of Shenzhen, with some of the vehicles driving at speeds of over 155 mph.

All the suspects police arrested were male and aged between 36 and 62. The men said that they chose to race in China because the roads in Hong Kong were narrow and the punishment for street racing severe. They assumed the penalties in Shenzhen were more lenient. For now, their luxury cars remain impounded while police continue their investigations.