Chinese feel good about Olympics

Survey: 96% of citizens think the Games will be a success

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NEW YORK -- A new survey finds that Chinese citizens are feeling great about the Olympics and how their nation will be viewed by the world.

The U.S.-based Pew Research Center's Pew Global Attitudes Project study finds that 96% of those surveyed think that next month's Beijing Olympiad will be a success. More than half -- 56% -- said it would be very successful, with 40% saying the Beijing Olympiad would be somewhat successful and only 1% saying that it would be somewhat unsuccessful. "Very unsuccessful," which was also a response in the survey, wasn't reported.

That's even more remarkable considering that when the survey was being done, in the spring, there were headlines about the protests surrounding the Olympic torch relays around the world.

"However, in China press coverage might have been more positive, because despite the negative internal publicity generated by these events, nearly all of those surveyed think the games will improve China's global profile," Pew said Tuesday. That's backed up, Pew said, by 93% of survey respondents who said that China's image will be boosted by holding the Olympics.

But Pew also said that a growing number of Chinese think there's too much about the Olympics already. Pew said 34% told them that there's too much attention on the games, up from 25% in a 2006 survey. Only 18% said that there wasn't enough attention paid to the Olympics (down from 21% in 2006) and 44% said that there was the right amount. Among Beijing residents, 46% said there's too much attention while 2% said not enough and 51% the right amount of emphasis.

The study was conducted face-to-face between March 28 and April 19 among 3,212 adults with a margin of error of 2%.