Chinese Man Caught Smuggling Eight iPhone 6s in His Underwear


No word on whether they were the standard iPhone 6 or Plus version

An enterprising smuggler was stopped at the Hong Kong-China border on Wednesday trying to sneak eight Apple iPhone 6 smartphones into China stowed away in his underwear, reported The South China Morning Post

Citing a report in the Chinese-language daily Southern Metropolis Daily, the SCMP reports a plucky man surnamed Zhou hid his precious hi-tech contraband by wearing three layers of underwear and placing the phones between the layers. Caught by customs officials, Zhou confessed that he bought the iPhones in Hong Kong and planned to sell them in Shenzhen. 

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China was left out of the first phase of the iPhone 6 launch and the situation has created a thriving black market for the must-have gadget with prices hitting as high as $2,500 according to some media reports in China. 

The SCMP reports that as of noon on Wednesday, Hong Kong customs officials had seized more than 1,800 iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus models since the smartphone was launched in the city last Friday. 

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