Chinese Superdad Builds Life-Size Transformer for Son

Transformers Replica China - H

Wang Liansheng felt sorry that he couldn't afford to buy his son a Bumblee Autobot toy, so he built him one from scrap metal instead.

This shipyard welder in eastern China may just be the coolest dad on earth.

According to the South China Morning Post, it all started when Wang Liansheng took his young son to see Transformers: Age of Extinction last July. After the film, Wang felt badly when he decided that he couldn't afford to spend the money on an extravagance like a Transformers model toy. So he told the kid he would figure out how to make one himself.

"As a father, I can’t just say something and not do it," Wang said. A skilled welder by trade, Wang scoured the junk yards of his hometown of Suqian in Jiangsu province for used car parts and scrap metal. The project continued to grow in scale, and eventually became far more expensive to construct than any standard Hasbro toy. Wang estimates he spent about $22,000 (140,000 yuan) on the pet project, according to the SCMP.

The finished, bright yellow replica of the Autobot Bumblebee stands 16.4 feet tall and measures 10 feet wide. According to Wang, it's all worth it whenever his son tells his friends: "My dad made this."