Chinese watch Games by multiple means

Online video streaming, text messages play large part

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BEIJING -- While 96% of Chinese will watch the Beijing Olympics on television, Internet video clips and mobile phone text messages also will play a large part in broadcasting the Games.

Nearly three-quarters of Chinese -- 74% -- will stream Olympics video clips over the Internet, and two in 10 will use online video streaming as their main means of watching the Games, according to a Nielsen Co. survey completed at the end of July.

The July 21-27 survey of 3,078 subjects showed that 27% of Chinese will keep up with the Games via text messages on their phones.

An impressive 90% of Chinese said they will adapt their personal schedules to watch the Games, with seven in 10 changing their working hours. Nearly one-third surveyed said they will watch Olympics coverage while at work.

The survey also shows an uptick in group viewing, with two in 10 saying they will watch the Games on big, outdoor screens, and three in 10 saying they will go out more often to view the events with friends.
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