Chloe Moretz Tapped as Aeropostale Brand Ambassador and Style Curator


The fashion-forward teen says that the ads are introducing her to a new generation of fans -- oddly, ones her own age.

Chloe Moretz, 15, is well known for donning age-appropriate yet fashion-forward designs on the red carpet. Now, the actress is opting for a more youthful look as the newest ambassador for teen-friendly fashion brand Aeropostale.

Ads featuring Moretz have already begun popping up in magazines, and will continue to run through next spring. According to the AP, Moretz will select and style the majority of her looks for the ads, and she will also curate collections in-store and online.

“I get my own section, I got to pull my own clothes. Girls can go and see what I love and what I wear in the shoots,” Moretz said. “It’s a way for me to be in touch with girls.”

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With nearly a decade of acting credits already under her belt, Moretz is best known for her mature appearances in films like (500) Days of Summer, Kick-Ass (in which she played the foul mouthed Hit-Girl), Let Me In, Texas Killing Fields and Dark Shadows. Her kid-friendly roles have previously included Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Hugo and the animated film Bolt.

With her new contract, Moretz already has noticed her fan base shifting from adults to younger fashionistas. “I was in the airport a few days ago and these girls were reading their Teen Vogues, and then they came up to me!” she recalled during an interview with the AP.

“When we met Chloe, it really was an instant love affair,” said Scott Birnbaum, SVP of Aeropostal marketing and e-commerce. “She has such great style, she can mix it up. She wears great high-end designers and everyday stuff.”

“We think she’s a role model,” he added. “She’s quirky and actually really funny, and those are things our brand stands for.”

One person who’s likely happy about the contract: Moretz’s mother, who is reportedly a stickler when it comes to her daughter’s fashion choices.

“My mom doesn’t really let me buy a lot of high fashion stuff, ‘cause she’s like, ‘You get to do it in photo shoots and stuff, so you don’t get to do it in real life!’” Moretz once told Teen Vogue.

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