Chris Brown Apologizes to Cher for Hacker's Tweet Threatening a 'Beating'

Chris Brown Cher Split - H 2012
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Chris Brown Cher Split - H 2012

The rapper's Twitter account was commandeered by someone who called the iconic singer "That damn GRANNY bit*ch."

With his public image on the mend, it’s a good thing Chris Brown didn’t actually call Cher “That damn GRANNY bit*ch.” That would be awkward.

Brown fell victim to a Twitter hacker, who tagged Cher in threatening tweets from the rapper's account. 

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"That damn GRANNY b**ch CHER needs to keep her mouth SHUTTTT about her opinion against obama !!! smh she needs a beating," read one of the suspicious tweets sent from Brown’s account Thursday evening.

He took note of the commandeered account after Cher’s Twitter followers began attacking him online. He quickly tweeted an apology, explaining the nasty comments had been a hacker’s handy work.

"I have the utmost respect for u as an artist @cher," he wrote. Though one confused Twitter follower asked Brown why he wanted to hit Cher if he respected her so much, the artist herself responded graciously.

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Cher tweeted that she was “always impressed by Brown” and later shared some thoughts on a recent meeting with President Barack Obama. (Contrary to the hacker’s assertion, she is a fan of the president’s.)

This isn't the first time Brown's Twitter account has come under public scrutiny. In February, Brown tweeted, and then deleted, a profanity-laden rant after people were critical of his Grammy performance.