Chris Brown-Drake Brawl: The Fallout Continues

Drake Chris Brown Greenhouse NYC 2010 - H 2012
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Drake Chris Brown Greenhouse NYC 2010 - H 2012

New developments have emerged over the weekend since the New York nightclub brawl that left Brown and several others injured.

New details have emerged regarding the New York nightclub brawl between Chris Brown and Drake that left several people injured.

It all began when Brown on Thursday tweeted a photo of a chin injury he sustained, which he insinuated came during an altercation with Drake's entourage at W.i.P. in SoHo. Drake has since denied any such wrongdoing in the incident, which the Associated Press reports left at least eight people injured. Reportedly, the feud began over singer Rihanna, who shares a romantic history with both men.

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Here are the latest updates surrounding the Brown-Drake fight:

1. The Nightclub Shuts Down: On Saturday evening, SoHo basement club W.i.P. was closed for code violations, a New York Police Department spokeswoman told the AP, though no additional details at the time were given.

2. Drake Addresses Brawl During Concert: At a scheduled gig Saturday evening, Drake -- who had largely remained silent on the nightclub fight (save for a statement issued following the incident and allegations), briefly talked about the scuffle at Jones Beach. “When I woke up this morning, I had to think about a lot of things,” Drake said onstage according to the New York Daily News. “But the only thing I gave a f--- about was that I was in New York City tonight.”

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The rapper seemed to reference the fight in the middle of a song. “It’s last call and you’re really too drunk to give a f---,” said Drake. "A n---- in the corner is standing there looking at you funny. You bump elbows with him on the way to the bathroom, but really there’s only one n---- that you got to think about.”

3. Fans Weigh in on the Brown-Drake Feud: Turns out, several people attending the Drake concert Saturday weren't impressed with the way the two handled themselves. “I think it’s ridiculous that two grown men of celebrity status would behave like that,” said 21-year-old Jonathan Rosado ahead of the show.

4. Witness to Brawl Breaks Silence: Twenty-one year-old model Ingrid Guttierez was sitting at Brown's table when the fight broke out and as a result, she was scarred after a bottle was thrown. Though there remain conflicting reports as to what actually happened that night, her lawyer maintains that his client said that Brown was "polite throughout the whole night." “He was very calm and what he did, I believe, was he tried to even defend my client Ingrid," her lawyer said.

5. Brown Slams Media Coverage: On Friday, Brown took to Twitter to vent frustrations over media coverage of the brawl and left his harshest criticisms to TMZ. “@tmz y'all full of sh*t!!! It's insane how your stories are not informative at all and far from fuc*ing facts!" Brown tweeted, which has since been deleted. He added: “It’s really sad! All y’all in that office sit behind a desk and hide behind ur lives by trying to tarnish others! Good game!”

6. Other Victims Come Foward: A 21-year-old named Veronica, who plans on legal action against the club (and possibly the singers) claims to have also been injured in the bar fight. “I heard people screaming ... so I tried to get away from the action and hid behind a couch," she told TMZ, after which someone stepped on her head and she suffered a gash on her hand. She also said that in the ambulance, she saw another female victim who was hit by a bottle and had blood gushing from her forehead.