Chris Brown Called ‘Calm, Polite' by Lawyer of Model Scarred in Bar Brawl (Video)

Chris Brown vs Drake Split - H 2012
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Chris Brown vs Drake Split - H 2012

An attorney for 21-year-old Ingrid Gutierrez said the "Don’t Wake Me Up” singer protected his client after someone at Drake's table threw a bottle in their direction.

The war of words that broke out after Thursday's brawl involving pop stars Chris Brown and Drake continues.

An attorney for Ingrid Gutierrez, the 21-year-old model who was hospitalized after being scarred by a bottle blow during the fight, told E! Online that it all began when a bottle was thrown from the table occupied by Drake and his entourage.

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The model was sitting at Brown’s table at the time the fight broke out, and may need plastic surgery, said her attorney, Sal Strazzullo.

“She was just having a good time, a 21-year-old out, a young lady at a nightclub in Manhattan and all of a sudden a bottle came from [the direction of] the Drake table," Strazzullo said.

And as for speculation the fight had something to do with the two men’s romantic pasts with Rihanna?

Strazzullo sidestepped a question about reports Brown had sent Drake’s table a bottle of Champagne as a peace offering before the fight. He did, however, corroborate another part of the story.

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"From what I've heard from my client…there was a note. A note passed by Drake to Chris Brown in regards to something with Rihanna,” Strazzullo said.

Conflicting reports indicated the note had been graphic in nature, but Brown's own managers have said there was no note, and there was no bottle of Champagne.

Strazzullo would not reveal how his client new the singer, but said Gutierrez told him Brown had been “polite throughout the whole night.”

“He was very calm and what he did, I believe, was he tried to even defend my client Ingrid."

On Thursday, Brown revealed a chin injury to the world via Twitter, which he insinuated came during an altercation with Drake's entourage at W.i.P. nightclub in New York. Drake has denied any wrongdoing in the incident, in which at least five people were injured, including NBA star Tony Parker.

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The New York Police Department continues to investigate the brawl, and on Saturday shut down the club in which it took place for what TMZ reports are various code violations. Multiple parties claiming to have been injured in the fight are contemplating legal action.

According to Strazzullo, patrons who were at the club that night and can be identified because they paid with credit cards will be deposed. He also said surveillance footage would be used to identify who started the fight.

"The cameras aren't going to lie," he said.

Watch the video below.

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