Club in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Could Lose License

Chris Brown vs Drake Split - P 2012
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Chris Brown vs Drake Split - P 2012

SoHo’s W.i.P. has been slapped with 14 code violations, including one for not stopping the fight involving the two musicians.

It’s more bad news for the club made famous by a brawl involving Chris Brown and Drake.

Already under investigation by the city of New York and facing a $20 million lawsuit from an injured NBA star, SoHo club W.i.P. has now received 14 code violations from the State Liquor Authority and could be shut down, the New York Post reports.

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Violations include failing to stop the June 14 brawl, in which bottles were thrown and eight people were reportedly injured. Other violations stem from previous fights at the club, noise violations, and two incidents in which marijuana was discovered on the premises. 

“They’re absolutely in jeopardy of losing their licenses,” said SLA spokesman William Crowley. “They have a number of prior charges, too, so that comes into play when we’re looking at taking action.”

W.i.P. has previously been in hot water for selling alcohol to minors and using unlicensed security guards. According to records, in 2010 a security guard (who himself was smoking a blunt) sold marijuana to an undercover cop.

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The violations are just latest setback for the club's owners since the brawl put W.i.P. in the spotlight.

Earlier this week, San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club and its owners, for a “corneal laceration of the left eye and other injuries” he says he sustained during the brawl.

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The NBA star’s lawyer said serving booze to both of the musicians was “throwing gasoline on the flames,” because Drake and Brown both have romantic histories with singer Rihanna.

Last week, the club’s manager was arrested after police came to investigate a noise complaint, and the club was later temporarily shut down by the New York Police Department for code violations unrelated to the brawl.