Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Club Greenhouse Re-Opening With Red Cups

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The SoHo space that hosted a bottle-throwing melee between the entourages of the feuding hip hop stars is going from classy to college with its new red cup rule.

The latest stop on New York's hip hop history tour is now open for business.

The SoHo night spot Greenhouse, which in its premium nightclub W.i.P hosted the now-infamous battle between rappers and Rihanna heart rivals Chris Brown and Drake, is now opening its doors to the (well-heeled) masses once again.

As it turns out, the 14 New York City code violations against it, which led to a temporary suspension of its liquor license, was not enough to keep the space closed; a judge ruled on Monday that it would be unfair to shutter the place for business while it awaited its legal fate.

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There will be a few changes, though. Given that the melee was keyed by a thrown glass bottle of champagne (well, also, allegedly, a note from Drake, but correspondence can't be outlawed, per the First Amendment), Greenhouse will no longer be providing glassware to its guests; instead, red solo cups, much like the ones found at frat parties and the basements of high school kids whose parents are gone for the weekend.

The club will also lead the charge in nightlife security innovations by checking the bags of its visitors.

"We will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers,” Greenhouse said in a statement.

Advice to the DJ: check the crowd before playing this new Chris Brown track.