Rap Cover of Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now' Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation (Video)


Battle rapper Mac Lethal's video, in which he changes the lyrics to "cook with me now" while making pancakes, received over one million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

On Tuesday, Mac Lethal may have been just another aspiring rapper, but after uploading a breakfast-inspired cover of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" to YouTube Wednesday, he's garnered over one million views in 24 hours. 

The video opens by informing viewers Lethal's Facebook fans picked the rap, and since it's an older song, he changed the lyrics "to make it interesting."

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The rapper then goes on to make pancakes while delivering lyrics "Yo, yellow cheese, eggs. White pancake batter. Put a little bit up on the skillet when it starts to bubble flip it over with your spatula. Yeah, yeah. That s--t look like my breakfast." 

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He also replaces Brown's hook with "cook with me now. cook with me now. I'm making pancakes."

This isn't the only online recognition Lethal has seen in the past 24 hours. After his video appeared on the front page of news community website, Reddit.com, it was revealed via a comment that Mac Lethal is also the creator of the "Texts From Bennett" website.

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The site, whose first post was Nov. 12, features screen grabs of iPhone text messages the creator (Mac Lethal) receives from his 17-year-old cousin Bennett, who "is a white boy that thinks he's a crip, works at Amoco, has a girlfriend named Mercedes and is one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet." 

Watch Mac Lethal's rap below.