Chris Christie Press Conference Sparks Media Frenzy of Fat Jokes (Video)

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for TIME

The New Jersey governor formally announced he was not going to seek the GOP nomination, but the press just wanted to talk about his weight on Twitter.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie put to rest weeks and months of speculation on Tuesday with a lengthy press conference in which he formally announced that he would not be seeking the GOP nomination for president.

The press didn't seem to want to take no for an answer and kept asking Christie question after question. Meanwhile, online, some of the same political reporters indulged in as many weight-related jokes as they could think of to laugh at the overweight Christie.

It's become such a point of media obsession that CNN produced a piece last week that asked point-blank if Chris Christie was too fat to be president.

Among the most notable of the jokes and comments:

Nico Hines of The Times of London

"People who say Chris Christie is too fat to be president: girthers"

Dave Weigel, Slate reporter and MSNBC contributor

"What if all the reporters going to Christie's presser run through a door at the same time and get stuck, like the Three Stooges?"

Amy Walter

"This week in another reminder why I LOVE That SNL is back on TV. The Christie skit is writing itself...."

Mike Memoli, Washington reporter for Chicago Tribune/L.A. Times

"Cmon guys, this counts as exercise for Christie so let him keep talking."

Andrea Smith, ABC News news and technology producer

"Reporters not taking "no" for an answer from Gov. Christie . Says he knows in his heart now is not his time."

Dave Wyllie, Glasgow-based broadcast, new media and print journalist

"Chris Christie will not run has been part of his rider for quite some time. Or walk quickly."

VIDEO: Gov. Chris Christie Mocked on 'The Late Show With David Letterman'

Amy S. Rosenberg, Philadelphia Inquirer writer

"so there. Chris Christie doesn't mind the fat jokes, just wants them to be funny."

Katrina Trinko, National Review reporter

"Right on schedule: Christie says "no," Politico reports law firm representing Palin looking at early state deadlines"

Ginger Gibson, Star-Ledger reporter

"Christie's staff said two more questions a lot of a questions ago and he's still going. He loves this."

Ken Bazinet, White House correspondent

"Gov. Christie better not cut this off early: The head custodian, capital pastry chef and ghost of Molly Pitcher have yet to get a question."

John Dickerson, political correspondent for Slate

"Length of Christie press conference like the old joke about Humphry. What followed a Humphry dinner speech? Breakfast."

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