Chris Cooper Is J.D. Salinger in 'Coming Through the Rye' Clip (Exclusive Video)

"You know Holden Caulfield?"

Chris Cooper is J.D. Salinger in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive clip from Coming Through the Rye.

The coming-of-age tale is set in 1969 and follows Jamie (Alex Wolff), an outcast 16-year-old who identifies with Catcher in the Rye protagonist Holden Caulfield, so he decides to seek the approval of J.D. Salinger (a "superb" Cooper, reads THR's review) to adapt the novel into a play.

Stefania Owen also stars in the film, which is based on director James Sadwith's own journey as a high schooler to meet the reclusive author.

"Salinger, as we all know, was an author who zealously stayed out of the spotlight and guarded his privacy. Chris, coincidentally, is also a very private person, who has eschewed celebrity and Hollywood," Sadwith tells THR of directing Cooper as Salinger. "He didn't have to act that. It just naturally emanates from him. Chris is shy and kind. And although Salinger could be brusque and irritable, I sensed a kindness in him — and experienced that. Chris was able to convey all that so naturally."

Coming Through the Rye is being released in theaters Friday by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Eammon Films.