Chris Cuomo Addresses Psychological Toll of Coronavirus: "I'm Getting a Little Mean"

Chris Cuomo Coronavirus Update - Screenshot - H 2020

The 'Prime Time' host also criticized Tuesday's in-person voting in Wisconsin: "The opportunity for loss is obvious."

Chris Cuomo tackled the psychological toll of the coronavirus on Tuesday night on CNN as he continues to publicly battle the illness.

Before welcoming Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the New York State Commissioner of Health on Tuesday, the Cuomo Prime Time anchor updated CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta on his condition. "I feel lousy because it's nighttime and I'm a little depressed because yesterday and today the fever came back with a little more gusto than it had the past few days before that," he told Gupta, mentioning that he was fighting a fever for 20 hours a day. "I know all the probabilities are on my side ... but you start to doubt," he said, referencing stories about young, healthy people dying from the virus.

He added, "I'm doing better than I deserve, and I'm doing what I can, but it is a humbling, humbling process."

Later on Tuesday's show, Cuomo also tackled another psychological toll that the coronavirus had taken on him and, as a result, his family, who are his caretakers at home. He told viewers, "I feel my edge. I feel my frustration. Just be careful. The people around you are so nervous ... don't play into that by making it worse." As for his own situation, he said, "I'm getting a little mean from this right now. I've got to deal with it."

A running theme on Tuesday's episode was Cuomo's frustration with the in-person voting that was conducted in Wisconsin the same day. Showing images of voters standing in line six feet apart, Cuomo asked, "Who wins in this? What value wins? Because the opportunity for loss is obvious."

Gupta, during his time on the show, also expressed resistance to in-person voting amid "stay at home" policies and recommendations. "The science and public health community are pretty clear: You can't do that right now," he said.

During his interview on the show, Biden additionally criticized the decision to allow voters to go to the polls in the state. "We shouldn't have had the election in the first place, an in-person election ... but this is all about the Republican Legislature pushing really, really hard because I think they realize that low turnout affects their interests," he said.

The candidate was firm that the 2020 presidential election should still take place in November, despite the potential for a continuation or reviving of stay-at-home policies. "We've been through hell before, we had an election through the Civil War, we had an election through a pandemic. ... The idea of postponing an election is not possible," Biden told Cuomo.

The Tuesday segment came one day after Cuomo said that he had turned a corner in his recovery from the virus, sharing his "secret" to recovery with viewers. Inspired by a talk with a friend-of-a-friend pulmonary expert, Cuomo said that he learned to "fight" the virus with "will and devotion." 

Ever since he came out publicly with his coronavirus diagnosis, Cuomo has hosted shows and taken interviews from his basement about the details of his condition. He has detailed hallucinations, how he chipped a tooth and drastic weight loss due to feverish sweating.