Chris Cuomo Can See Family Again: "This Is What I've Been Dreaming Weeks for"

Chris Cuomo Coronavirus Update - Screenshot - H 2020

The CNN primetime host also announced that his wife, who has also tested positive for the novel coronavirus, has been released from quarantine.

CNN's Chris Cuomo on Monday night said that he has reached a critical stage in his recovery from COVID-19.

"I am now allowed to be around my family," he said, with his daughter next to him. "I'm just happy to have a little bit of love back."

Talking to Anderson Cooper about the significance of being able to interact with his family again, Cuomo said, "This is what I've been dreaming weeks for."

He also provided an update on his wife, Cristina, whom he said on Monday night has been "released" from her quarantine following her coronavirus diagnosis. "She never got a fever or symptoms," he said. "She handled it so much better than I did."

"We're still taking it slow," Cuomo said. "We're not all hugging up and kissing and all that stuff."

Unfortunately, Cuomo said that his son, Mario, "is not feeling great."

Cuomo's colleague, Brooke Baldwin, said she's turned a corner in her recovery, as well, which she wrote about in an emotion op-ed.

Earlier on Monday, however, a third CNN anchor, Richard Quest, announced that he's tested positive. "I am grateful and thankful that I don't seem to have any of the horrific symptoms of the others," he told viewers. "I just have a nasty cough."

Quest said that he will continue hosting his show, Quest Means Business.

"At the moment, I feel fine," he said. "I feel good, and there are important things that you and I need to talk about every night."