CNN's Chris Cuomo on His Coronavirus Diagnosis: "Who Cares? This Is So Small"

Chris Cuomo Coronavirus Diagnosis March 31 2020.png

"I'm hopefully going to be able to keep doing this show, but I don't know," the host told told colleague Anderson Cooper.

CNN's Chris Cuomo, who on Tuesday morning announced that he has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, told colleague Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night that he's unsure of what his prognosis is and how it will affect his ability to host his primetime show.

Cuomo, the brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has been hosting his show from his basement as he recovers from the virus.

"I'm hopefully going to be able to keep doing this show, but I don't know," Cuomo told Cooper. "I don't know the path forward. The best medicine is to not get it. Prevention."

But, he added, "Obviously, I am not the story, because there are so many people dealing with this."

Talking to Cooper's viewers, Cuomo said of the virus: "If you have anything that is giving you aches and a fever, it's likely this."

Cuomo said he's upset that he is "stuck" in his basement and can't help out his wife and kids. He added that he's also concerned that they might have contracted the virus from him. "That is hurting me way more than anything the virus can do," said Cuomo. "I still have to see if I got any of them sick."

Cuomo said that he wants viewers to view his diagnosis as evidence that "anyone can get it."

Updating his own viewers on his condition, Cuomo said: "I feel fine. I am able to do the show. You do not want this."

Trying to put his diagnosis into the broader context of the country, he said: "Who cares? This is so small."

After CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta told Cuomo that he looks "under the weather," the host responded, "I probably don't look great because I have coronavirus."