Chris Cuomo Says He's "Getting Healthier" Amid Coronavirus Battle

Chris Cuomo - Getty - H 2020
Noam Galai/Getty Images

The 'Cuomo Prime Time' anchor assured his viewers during his Wednesday night show that though he has a "long way to go," he's feeling stronger: "I have not felt as good as I do right now in a long time."

Chris Cuomo has given another update on his ongoing fight with COVID-19. 

During Wednesday night's Cuomo Prime Time, the host informed his audience of his condition. At the start of his show, Cuomo spoke to his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who praised him for being transparent about his battle. "I'm glad that it's helping people," said the anchor. "If it helps somebody then it was all worth it. There's got to be a purpose for the pain." 

Later on, Cuomo welcomed Dr. Sanjay Gupta, where the anchor gave more detail as to how he's feeling since revealing his coronavirus diagnosis.

"Nights have been worse. Today, I am oddly spacey and I don't know why," he explained. Cuomo then went on to say that on the night of Passover, he received "good news" that made him ponder whether the "worst of this is over." 

"My fever's been unusually low most of the day. Ordinary at this time, I'm not faking that I'm baking. Right now, I'm still a little bit above normal," he explained of his lower temperature. 

Though President Donald Trump has named some medications that seem to be helping those diagnosed with COVID-19, such as Zinc or Chloroquine, Cuomo explained that he's unable to use anything that could prevent his immune system from boosting. 

"I know I have a long way to go, but I have not felt as good as I do right now in a long time. I'm getting healthier," he said, before quipping that he believes the best therapy is "beating up on my big brother." 

Though feeling better, Cuomo admitted "my chest is tight. My breath is short. It hurts in the morning." He credits breathing exercises, in which he breathes in and out for five seconds, in helping to alleviate the tightness. "I'm doing them five times a day."

Despite celebrating his health having seemingly improved, Cuomo says he knows "it's going to be a long road. ... I know the fever can come back. I know this virus does that." 

Going forward, the anchor assured that he's still monitoring his temperature ("I am on Tylenol steady," he said) and will remain quarantined even if he stops having a fever for 72 hours. "I have to quarantine for a couple of weeks anyway," Cuomo emphasized of the long recovery time he'll have to trust. 

In the closing thoughts of his show, Cuomo admitted that "it will be a hard Passover and a hard Easter" as the virus crisis continues, but attested that "we need this dark spirit to pass over our homes. We need to see the purpose, even in pandemic pain. We need rebirth and renewal to get to a better place." 

"This pandemic is purifying," he reflected, "and while we are denied the intimacy of being with our families, this isolation will make us remember what matters the most and take us to our best days together to come.

"This pandemic has changed so much about me and I hope I will be better for it, and I pray the same for you." 

After initially revealing his diagnosis, Cuomo has candidly discussed his symptoms with his viewers everyday. The Cuomo Primetime anchor has detailed things such as experiencing hallucinations, chipping a tooth, losing 13 pounds in three days from prolific sweating and how he got emotional when recalling his son watching him sleep.