Chris Cuomo Shares His "Secret" to Kicking Coronavirus: "It's About Your Will"

Before speaking to one pulmonary expert, the 'Cuomo Prime Time' anchor said, "I was not going to do the show tonight."

Feeling better than the last time he appeared on CNN, Chris Cuomo shared what he believed was the "secret" to kicking coronavirus on Cuomo Prime Time on Monday.

The anchor, who shared his coronavirus diagnosis with viewers last week, updated his audience on his condition early in the program: "I feel better than I deserve," he told neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

Later, he shared an insight on the virus that he learned over the weekend. He said a pulmonary expert who was a "friend of a friend" challenged him to get off the couch and "fight" the virus. Prior to this conversation, "I was not going to do the show tonight. I was done. I was in a pool of sweat." After, Cuomo said he realized, "You’ve got to do things to beat this virus. You’ve got to breathe deep when it hurts, and I know it hurts." He added, "I’m not trying to minimize anybody’s pain."

At another point in the program, Cuomo told viewers, "The virus wants us to lay down. The virus wants us to take it. Other than the blessed few, the rest of us who get this are going to have an experience unlike anything else they’ve ever had, days and waves. The old notion of ‘Get in bed and stay there when you get sick,’ it sounds great. And if you’re really up against it, you need to do as little as possible. I’ve been there. Trust me, I know, but you can’t stay there."

Ever since revealing his diagnosis less than a week ago, Cuomo has discussed his symptoms frankly with viewers. He has talked about hallucinations and chipping a tooth, discussed losing 13 pounds in three days from sweating so much, and teared up while talking about his son watching him sleep. 

Also on Monday, Cuomo took President Donald Trump to task on his recent statements that the federal government shouldn't have to test Americans for coronavirus on a mass level, saying instead that states should handle testing. "The president of the United States will never be able to escape accountability and responsibility for what happens. He is our leader," Cuomo said, blaming Trump for "punting blame for the testing shortfall and kicking it to the states after he told you 'anyone could get one.'" He added, "If we don't have better detection, we will always be behind."

Cuomo also spoke with Lauren Thomas Mandel, a mother of four who, along with her husband, has coronavirus, and Karen Goheen, a nurse who was hospitalized with her symptoms. He additionally spoke with Connecticut governor Ned Lamont, who discussed his state's efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, despite its proximity to New York. "You didn't have to be a psychic to know what was going on, Chris," the governor said. "You could look overseas, you could see what was going on in Wuhan, you could see what was going on in Italy, you could see what was going on in Seattle, Washington. And I could look down at in New York City, which had a one- to two-week head start. That gave us the opportunity to hit the ball a little bit earlier on in the game, which makes a big difference."