'The Red Sea Diving Resort' Trailer: Chris Evans Rescues Victims of a 1979 Ethiopian Genocide

'Homeland' writer Gideon Raff directs Netflix's Chris Evans-led history drama.

Netflix's The Red Sea Diving Resort follows a group of international agents who try to smuggle Jewish Ethiopians to safety. 

Netflix released the trailer for its latest history drama Wednesday morning. 

On the brink of a revolutionary war, members of the Ethiopian government have mobilized to kill hundreds of Jewish Ethiopians.

Innocent families and civilians only add to the body count, and a group of agents and brave locals, spearheaded by Chris Evans' Ari Levinson, try to end the killings. 

The team of international agents, including Haley Bennett's Rachel Reiter, traverse the Red Sea, direct refugees to the title resort and come face to face with violent forces.

Similar to Terry George's Hotel Rwanda, Gideon Raff's The Red Sea Diving Resort revolves around how one resort becomes a sanctuary for refugees, hoping to make their way from violence-ridden Sudan to Israel. 

"We're all just refugees, aren't we?" agent Reiter asks at the end of the trailer. 

The film also stars Ben Kingsley, Michael Kenneth Williams and When They See Us' Chris Chalk. 

The Red Sea Diving Resort streams on Netflix starting July 31.