Chris Evans, Taika Waititi and More Stars Stay Groomed With "Quarantine Haircuts"

Taika Waititi, Blake Shelton and Nathan Fillion - Getty - Split - H 2020
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From Blake Shelton getting a personal cut from Gwen Stefani to Nathan Fillion taking hair into his own hands (literally), famous faces offer haircut tips while staying safe at home: "I just pull out the clippers and attack."

Forget the bare necessities of quarantine — it’s the hair necessities that have some men worrying about how they’ll maintain their look right now.

On Instagram, Taika Waititi turned the scissors over to his young daughters, instructing them to trim "just on the ends!" and not get "so close to my eye" while he filmed his recent haircut via Instagram Live. Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, likewise trusted their daughter, Willow, to do the chopping. “Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair. Screw it,” said Pink, who revealed last week that she tested positive for the coronavirus.

Blake Shelton put his faith in partner Gwen Stefani, announcing on social media that she would take his "quarantine mullet" to the next level with "stripes" above his ears. Chris Evans helped brother Scott with his buzz cut, while Nathan Fillion said he got "rave reviews" from his mom over FaceTime after he gave himself his second "quarantine haircut."

"Right now, I have a very short haircut, so it doesn't take a lot of time for it to get unkempt and unruly, so I’m a once-a-week kind of a haircut fella," says Fillion, who’s had practice snipping his hair during out-of-town Christmas vacations and scuba trips. "I just pull out the clippers, set the guard for whatever length I'm looking for and I start attacking my head. I have varying degrees of success but no outright complaints so far — except from my hairdresser," who texts him feedback after every cut.

Actors Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan chatted on truTV about their at-home haircuts, too. After Lemme assessed his Tacoma FD co-star ("It looks terrible"), Heffernan explained that his kids and wife helped him cut it: "Everyone had a great laugh about it." Lemme trimmed his own hair, admitting, “I did mess up the sideburns." 

For those without a Flowbee vacuum cutter — the long-ridiculed devices are now hard to buy — barber Kristan Serafino (who has worked with Jharrel Jerome, Ryan Reynolds, Penn Badgley and Robert Pattinson) has been giving tips on social media for using clippers. For starters, test the blade-guard length before beginning, don’t cut huge sections at once and try to make strokes in a V shape to minimize lines. 

"Don’t cut hair wet. As wet hair dries the hair shaft will slightly shrink leaving a shorter overall cut. Also, dry hair will feed into the blade guard more evenly," says Serafino, whose salon opens in the fall at Equinox Hotels at Hudson Yards. 

Lana del Rey’s hairstylist, Sheridan Ward, suggests if you are going to risk cutting your own hair, just “nibble off the very ends” by picking up the hair with a comb and just taking off the edges with the clippers. “If anything, get creative with your styling. At least if you don't like what you've done, you can wash it out and restyle,” Ward adds.

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