Chris Grant to Exit Shine International

Jon Pollack will also leave the company, which is moving the sales and distribution arm's headquarters to London.

Shine International president Chris Grant is exiting the company before the end of the year, Shine Group announced Tuesday.

Executive vice president John Pollak will stay until the end of the year, remaining in the U.S. Office and managing the Los Angeles-based team and third-party producer relationships. In addition, senior vice president of business and operations Martin Rakusen will relocate to London.

The sales and distribution arm of Shine Group will relocate its headquarters to London, while retaining a L.A. office.

To prepare for the move, Grant — who has chosen not to relocate to London — will work with the company through a six-month transitional period and will assist in the search for a London-based successor. Shine Group president Alex Mahon will assume overall responsibility in the interim.

“I am incredibly proud of the substantial growth that Shine International has achieved since we started the company, and particularly in the last few years since joining the Shine Group,” said Grant. “These changes are absolutely right for the business at this point in its development, however L.A. is my home and rather than relocate, it is also a good time for me to allow my colleagues to build on the success we have, together, created.”

“At this stage of the company’s growth, Shine International needs its headquarters alongside our teams that manage and exploit group formats, brands and digital rights, with local sales experts in our global production centres of excellence. This move ensures we fully realize the potential for our IP while remaining nimble, responsive and best able to act at pace on behalf of our companies and clients,” said Mahon.

Shine International distributes programming of the Shine Group, including Reveille, Metronome, Kudos, Dragonfly and Princess Productions.