Chris Hardwick's '@midnight' Bids Farewell in Star-Studded Finale

Courtesy of Comedy Central/Ali Goldstein
'@midnight' host Chris Hardwick

The late-night comedy game show ended its four-year, 600-episode run on Friday night.

After four years and 600 episodes on Comedy Central, @midnight with Chris Hardwick is saying goodbye.

The host welcomed 30 comedians on the show's series finale — including "Weird Al" Yankovic, Paul Scheer, Hannah Hart and Paul F. Tompkins — and awarded plenty of points to the visiting comics.

“We started this show in the back of a comic book shop,” Hardwick, dressed in a tuxedo jacket and white bow tie, told the crowd. “None of us could have imagined we’d end up with four seasons and two Emmys.”

The show’s finale ran as a rapid-fire, best-of version of its question-and-answer format, with a rotating trio of comics testing their wit by mashing buzzers and offering jokes in the hopes of earning essentially meaningless “points” from Hardwick.

Jen Kirkman, Flula Borg and Tompkins participated in a round of "Back Dat Stage Up" in which Hardwick asked them for comments heard backstage during the show's run. "I mean, why couldn't the show just go on, but someone else host it?" Tompkins asked, poking fun at Hardwick and the show's cancellation.

"I don't know what show Comedy Central will replace this with, but it definitely won't be hosted by a woman," joked Kirkman.

Scheer, Thomas Lennon and Rob Huebel later played a number of the show's classic games, such as “Rich Cat/Poor Cat,” in which the comedians had to guess if a picture of a cat would prove to be of an affluent feline or a destitute pussycat, and “Gay Porn or Reborn,” in which they had to guess if a clip was from a homosexual pornographic video or a Christian advertisement.

For the first time ever in the show's history, Hardwick also stepped behind a buzzer to play as a contestant.

@midnight aired its 600th and final episode Friday night, about a month after Comedy Central announced the show's cancellation in July. Prior to the finale's airing, Hardwick posted a photo on Twitter of his special guests, writing that he "was honored to share the stage these brilliant comedians."

The network is currently preparing to launch Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper's show this fall, following Trevor Noah's Daily Show. Hardwick is set to host NBC's upcoming The Awesome Show.

"@midnight has meant the world to me these last four years. It has been a dream to come to work 600 times to make inappropriate jokes about the Internet with my fellow comedian friends," Hardwick said in an earlier statement. "I could not be more proud of this show, staff and crew and at the end of the day, I think we accomplished everything we wanted to accomplish. Spiritually it just feels like it ran its course — I'm not sure we had many more hashtag games in us (which may actually be a relief to anyone whose twitter feed gets overrun every night)."

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