Chris Hemsworth Battles Vengeful Whale, Rough Seas in 'In The Heart of The Sea' Trailer

“It’s just a whale," Hemsworth's character naively declares in the movie's new theatrical trailer.

Chris Hemsworth finds his sea legs as first mate Owen Chase in Ron Howard’s new action adventure film, In The Heart of the Sea.

The movie focuses around the true story of the Essex, a whaling ship that was sunk in 1820 by a disgruntled whale.

The whale, and deadly disaster, inspired Herman Melville’s classic novel, “Moby-Dick.” However, In The Heart of the Sea is based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s book by the same name about the aftermath of the tragedy and how the crew fought to survive.

In a new trailer released today by Warner Bros., smooth seas quickly turn chaotic as the Essex is attacked. Crew members attempt to battle the vengeful whale with mere harpoons, action that is interspersed with scenes of treacherous storms and tangled shipwrecks.

Howard (A Beautiful Mind) directs the film which also features Benjamin Walker as Captain George Pollard, Cillian Murphy as second mate Matthew Joy, as well as Ben Whishaw, Tom Holland, Brendan Gleeson, and Jordi Mollà.

In the Heart Of The Sea hits theaters December 2015 and will also be shown in RealD 3D and IMAX.