Chris Hemsworth and James Corden Scream, Carry Customers and Try to Remember Orders in Waiter Battle

The Late Late Show with James Corden -sketch with Chris Hemsworth- Publicity-H 2019
Craig Sugden/CBS

'The Late Late Show' host and actor went head to head to see who was the best restaurant employee during Tuesday's episode of the late-night show.

Chris Hemsworth and James Corden competed against each other to see who has what it takes to work in the high-pressure world of restaurants during Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

Before the battle began, Corden warned Hemsworth that he was stiff competition. "I'll tell you the truth right now. You're a movie star. You're an action star. You're a great actor. You're beautiful," he said. "But when it comes to charm on a front desk, this is where I win."

When the first customers approached the host stand, Corden asked if they had a reservation. Before they could respond, Hemsworth assured them that he could find them a table. The competitors shook hands with the customers and took their coats and bags. After Corden put on one customer's glasses, Hemsworth loaded Corden up with the guests' belongings and escorted the customers to their table.

When a couple later entered the restaurant, Hemsworth offered to take them to their seats and picked the woman up to carry her to the table. Corden followed as he carried the woman's date on his back.

After Corden escorted a woman named Sarah to her table, he asked if she had any allergies. When she told him that she was allergic to walnuts, he aggressively shouted, "No walnuts for Sarah! ... She dies!"

Hemsworth showed off his skills as a waiter when he filled a woman's wine glass all the way to the top. He then handed the bottle to the customer and encouraged her to drink straight from the bottle. The actor later fed one customer, while Corden took a bite of another person's leftovers.

The competition heated up when Hemsworth used a large pepper grinder to outdo Corden. The host got back at Hemsworth when he played the violin as the actor shared the specials.

When Hemsworth took one table's orders, a customer asked why he wasn't writing down their meals. "I'm an actor. Photographic memory," he said before he left to place their orders. Once in the kitchen, Hemsworth forgot what the table asked for and just ordered a bunch of fishes and beers, adding, "Can I get a beer, as well?"

Following the end of the competition, the restaurant's chef declared that Hemsworth was the winner. Corden instructed the chef to rethink his answer, but he confirmed that Hemsworth was the better restaurant employee of the two.

Watch the full competition below.