Chris and Liam Hemsworth Participate in Adorable Instagram Shenanigans

AP Images
Liam and Chris Hemsworth

Stop it, you two.

Much to the delight of everyone everywhere, impossibly good-looking brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth each snagged a (sexy!) magazine cover this month — Vanity Fair for Chris and Men's Health for Liam.

But like the mischievous man-boys they are, the brothers couldn't simply repost the other's cover to show their support. Nay, they instead chose to defile each other's images with every troublesome little boy's weapon of choice: Sharpies!

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Elder bro Chris posted his masterpiece first, in which he gave Liam a spiky new haircut and a fuller, blacker beard. Five days later, Liam retaliated with a little handiwork of his own, crafting a curly red mane and devilish facial hair on Chris' cover. (Cue a bit of head-shaking and finger-wagging from Mama Hemsworth.)

Despite their Insta-newb status — both Chris and Liam only joined the platform within the past 6 months — it appears that the brothers already have social media prank battles figured out. And this is one fight we'd definitely like front-row seats to, please.


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