Chris Hemsworth Surprises WB Employee With Massages and Tequila

Chris Hemsworth Hugs Employee on Ellen — H 2016
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

"Can we get naked?" the employee asked jokingly.

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, Ellen DeGeneres asked Chris Hemsworth to help her surprise a Warner Bros. employee who is a big fan of the actor.

Hemsworth, who plays an administrative professional in the new Ghostbusters film, army-crawled into the offices alongside DeGeneres.

"We knew that you liked Chris since I snoop around at night," DeGeneres told the employee, pointing to magazine photos of Hemsworth on the employee's cubicle. The employee blushed bright red when she saw Hemsworth standing in front of her.

"Quick massage?" offered Hemsworth. "Can we get naked?" the employee replied, jokingly. When DeGeneres pointed out that Hemsworth is married, the employee replied that she knows that of course, and complimented him on his beautiful children. 

Soon after though, she was jokingly asking for a threesome and the trio threw clothes over the wall of the cubicle to tease the fellow employees huddled around watching.

DeGeneres told the thrilled employee she's flying her to the Ghostbusters premiere in New York as an extra treat. Then, everyone in the office got together to limbo and drink tequila.

When asked about the experience afterward, the employee said it was the best day of her life.