Chris Jericho Reveals 'Dancing' Complaint


He is the latest star sent home on the hit ABC show.

Chris Jericho, who was sent home on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday, has one complaint about the hit ABC show.

“Sometimes they showed more of the serious side of Cheryl [Burke] and our rehearsals, whereas they’re showing Chelsea [Kane] and Mark [Ballas] have water fights and stuff like that,” he tells People. “We didn’t have water fights, but we had a lot of good … fun, and they never tended to show that. Especially in the beginning, they were kind of painting a different picture.”

Jericho stresses that he and his partner had “a great time. She’s really funny, and we have similar personalities, which is why I think we got along so well."

But he is uncertain whether he’ll keep dancing.

“I know six routines, [but] I don’t know where I’m going to do my six routines,” he says. “If Cheryl isn’t there, who am I going to dance with? I could try and teach it to my wife, but it would take 75 hours which is what it took [me to learn].”

Nevertheless, he says he’ll still don the wacky get-ups.

On ABC’s Good Morning America Wednesday, he said, “I’ve stolen all of those costumes and I have them all in my closet so I will wear them at various times.”