Chris Medina Doesn't Make 'Idol's' Top 24, Jennifer Lopez Cries (Video)

The Illinois native writes on his personal Facebook page: "Don't worry, it's not the end of me," as fans hope he'll see a second chance with a wild card pick.

American Idol favorite Chris Medina, who stole the country's heart when he showed up for auditions in Milwaukee with his paraplegic fiancee, did not make season 10's Top 24.

Wednesday night's episode of Idol showed the Oak Forest, Illinois native struggling with the week's Beatles theme as he sang the group's classic "A Hard Day's Night."

Indeed, it didn't get any easier for the 26-year-old who chose Coldplay's "Fix You" for his second turn. At episode's close, when contestants are made to walk to never-ending Green Mile to hear their fate, judge Jennifer Lopez commented that Medina had good and bad moments, but in the end did not make it into the Top 24.

Minutes after the east coast broadcast, a tweet referencing Medina's personal Facebook page read, "Tried my hardest, guys.. and don't worry... it's not the end of me." 

Fans are already bringing up the possibility of Medina's return via a wild card round, which the judges will reveal on Idol's March 3 episode.