Chris Pine at 'Jack Ryan' L.A. Premiere: It's Not Jason Bourne or James Bond

Jack Ryan Premiere Pine Knightley Costner Branagh - H 2014
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Jack Ryan Premiere Pine Knightley Costner Branagh - H 2014

Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh celebrated the return of Tom Clancy’s character to the big screen.

Chris Pine, Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and director Kenneth Branagh walked the black carpet on Hollywood Boulevard at the TCL Chinese Theater on Wednesday for the Los Angeles premiere of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

Paramount's action-thriller follows young CIA analyst Jack Ryan as he uncovers a Russian plot for a terrorist attack on the United States. Thrust into the center of a catastrophe, Ryan sets out to confront Russian oligarch Viktor Cherevin (Branagh) which tests his relationship with his in-the-dark fiancee Cathy Muller (Knightley).

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Pine, who switched between answering questions in English and in Spanish, expressed his feelings on reviving the spy character once played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck.

“I always feel very lucky that I get this shot,” said Pine. “I think at first it was a bit intimidating, but when you surround yourself with good, talented people you know that you’re supported.”

Knightley, who graced the carpet in a long navy dress with white trim, said the opportunity to work with Branagh, who acts opposite her character as well as directs, is one of the main reasons that she become involved with the film.

“My lasting memory will be the scenes that we shot in the back of the car when I’ve been kidnapped and [Branagh is] screaming at me and forcing a lightbulb in my mouth and being completely horrendous,” Knightley told The Hollywood Reporter. "This schizophrenia of being able to go from complete psycho badass screaming to very nice supportive director was amazing.”

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The film is loosely based on a combination of author Tom Clancy's novels (The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games). Pine added that the audience can expect a story they may not be used to in the action-hero genre.

“It’s not Jason Bourne, who fights with his fists and knows exactly what he’s doing physically and he’s a trained assassin," said Pine. “It’s not James Bond, who’s got the flashy suits, the fast cars, the lovely beautiful women with all the fancy gadgets.… This is a real man trying to figure out how to survive, trying to figure out how to save the woman of his life who is very much like any one of us in a really extraordinary situation.”

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opens in theaters Jan. 17.