Chris Pine Is the King of Inflatable Flip Cup

Chris Pine — H 2016

The 'Star Trek Beyond' actor also shows off his impression of Jeff Bridges.

Chris Pine may play Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies, including Star Trek Beyond, which hits theaters Friday, but on Monday night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor was the king of inflatable flip cup.

Indeed, Fallon never stood a chance as Pine effortlessly beat Fallon in the game, flipping his cups like a pro. However, while Pine was declared the champion, the actor was jealous of one thing the host had — a fatter suit.

"Why is yours fatter?" he asked Fallon at the start of the game, referring to their inflatable suits. "Well, I've been doing this longer," replied Fallon. The two men then did a few dance moves before the friendly competition started.

In Pine's interview, the actor talked about his recent Emmy nomination for SuperMansion and also described how fun it was to work with Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water. "Every wish you have about Jeff Bridges, is absolutely true," said Pine.

Then Pine treated the audience to his impression of Bridges' sweet laugh. Watch below.