Chris Pine Gets Mischievous While Playing Slapjack With Jimmy Fallon

Chris Pine on Fallon — H 2017
Screenshot/Courtesy of Tonight Show

Don't turn your back on the 'Wonder Woman' actor.

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pine played "Slapjack" on Thursday's Tonight Show, a version of blackjack where each player wears a giant rubber hand and gets to hit the loser in the face with it.

"This is the second time I've played blackjack," said Pine as he dealt the first round and promptly lost in a push.

Although Fallon won the second round fair and square when Pine got 22, he turned his back to ask producers if they were supposed to play two or three rounds of the game. Pine then snuck in a surprise smack on Fallon's head.

Pine was finally triumphant in the third round and wasted no time in gleefully slapping Fallon straight in the face.

The actor is hosting Saturday Night Live this week and will next be seen on the big screen in the highly anticipated Wonder Woman movie.

Watch the game below.