Chris Pratt Gets Pranked by Fake 'Jurassic World'-Inspired Dinosaurs (Video)

Chris Pratt Dinosaur Prank - H

"Oh, this is great, you have cameras," said the actor after the pranksters pulled a fast one on the 'Jurassic World' star.

Chris Pratt's Jurassic World came to life for a mere two seconds.

While the A-list actor was walking down the hall with a team of people, Polish pranksters widely known for their mutant spider-dog video decided to pull a fast one on the actor, dinosaur-style.

As Pratt walked past a hallway, two T. rex dinosaurs lunged and roared (via automated sound box) at the actor, causing him immediately to jump sideways and fall to the floor.

"You motherfers. They look great," said the actor. "Did you make these? What is this? Who are you?" he questioned before the jokesters admitted to being notorious for pulling and filming pranks on people.

The pranksters caught the joke on multiple cameras. "Oh, this is great, you have cameras," said Pratt when he noticed he was being filmed.

"How do you say 'f— you' in Polish?" he asked before posing for a photo with the two dinosaurs.

See the video below.