"My Spray Tan Guy!": Chris Pratt Goes Over the Top During Guys Choice Award

Phil McCarten/Invision/AP
Chris Pratt

Also praises women: "Ladies, holding it down, I love you. My life is run by you. My mother, my wife, my manager and everyone else, including Zoe [Saldana]."

This year's Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards, held at Sony Studios in Culver City on June 6, and Spike TV has just released a video of Chris Pratt's acceptance speech for his Guy of the Year Award which was presented by his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Zoe Saldana.

In his acceptance speech, Pratt riffs on everything from the show's design aesthetic to girl power to his spray tan guy.

"At the classy award shows, these will raise up," Pratt said of the onstage microphone and then went on to comment of the award show's decor, which featured a massive taxidermy replica, "I shot that deer, and Spike owes me some money for having it on their fireplace! That's my deer!"

After thanking his wife, manager, agent and the military in the audience — "Looking good, looking sharp! I hope you're having a drink tonight, you earned it. I hope you're tipping one back for us, we appreciate you" — the Jurassic World actor nodded to those who often get left out of onstage shout-outs.

"My spray tan guy! Bro, we got the mix, am I right? Right? It looks good!" he shouted to laughs, followed by thanks to Bowflex, True Religion, the book The Secret and his new babysitter, apparently named Spider. "Bro, I know I just met you online but like, I trust you, you know what I'm saying? Mi casa es su casa!" And of award show sponsor AXE, "you helped me get my wife pregnant, so thank you!"

Last but not least, he said, "You know what I want to do? I want to take a moment to advocate for the equality — socially, economically and politically — of our beautiful women."

"Ladies, holding it down, I love you," he continued. "My life is run by you. My mother, my wife, my manager and everyone else, including Zoe. Thank you!"

Watch the video below.

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