Chris Pratt Plays Dinosaur Trivia With "Apparently" Kid on 'Ellen' (Video)

Chris Pratt Obviously - H 2015

Chris Pratt Obviously - H 2015

He also talks about his life living in a van in Maui.

Chris Pratt was no match for Noah Ritter, the "apparently" child, in a game of "Dino Wrong or Dino Right" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ritter was full of dinosaur trivia — and unabashedly gleeful reactions — and Jurassic World's Pratt could not keep up.

Pratt also sat down with DeGeneres to talk about the year he spent living in a van in Maui. He sweetly talked about how excited he was to be paid $700 to act in a movie. "That $700 lasted me one year."

"So then you went back to shoot this movie Jurassic World, how cool is that to go back and shoot a giant big blockbuster where you lived in a van?" asked DeGeneres. "It's so surreal," said Pratt. "One of those weird full-circle things that happens in life. Like when I was there, I mean, I was having the time of my life, you know, at 19 years old. Just living in a car with my friend."