Chris Rock to Hackers: 'Top Five' Is "Korean Friendly"

Chris Rock Main Image - H 2014
Meredith Jenks

Chris Rock Main Image - H 2014

The comedian jokes his film is nothing like 'The Interview'

Chris Rock is taking no chances, and has a message for North Korea: Top Five is totally "Korean friendly."

“There are no jokes about North Korea in Top Five. It is so cool for Koreans," he joked during an interview with Washington, D.C., affiliate Fox 5 News. "If you’re Korean, go out and see Top Five. You will enjoy it."

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Though recent controversies surrounding Sony's The Interview have box-office analysts concerned over how the comedy's canceled release could affect other movies' business, Rock said he didn't worry about it hurting Top Five. He did admit the controversy gave him pause when considering taking his daughter to see Annie.

“When you’re dealing with a theater, it’s a lot of people, and anything can happen," Rock said. "Just a firecracker going off can cause a stampede or something. So this whole thing, it’s unprecedented. We’re in new water.”

Sony canceled the release of The Interview Wednesday after hackers threatened retaliation should the Seth Rogen, James Franco comedy be released. Multiple theater chains had already opted not to show the film before its cancellation. U.S. officials believe North Korea is behind the Nov. 24 cyberattack that continues to wreak havoc on Sony Pictures. The North Korean regime was upset about the film, which centered on a plot to assassinate its leader, Kim Jong Un.

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