Chris Rock Says Trump's One-Time "Energy" Charm May Have Worn Off

Chris Rock
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Chris Rock

The comic predicted a Trump victory four years ago, but this time is "hopefully" different, he says.

In 2016, Chris Rock was one of the first celebrities early on to predict that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton to become president. He didn't want that to happen — but he saw it coming while so many others were just making jokes over the absurdity of the situation.

And on Thursday while a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comic and actor explained why he believes this time, the outcome will "hopefully" be different.

"We're both comedians, right? And we know that energy kind of always wins," Rock explained. "And outside of [Mick] Jagger, he's got the most energy of a 75-year-old guy on stage. But, but, just like in the comedy clubs, the energy works for a short while. And then audience eventually realizes 'Wow, that guy had energy — but I don't remember any of his jokes.'"

Rock went on to say that people are "enamored" with energy — but sooner rather than later, they want substance. "Hopefully, people realize that Mr. Biden has an actual message and an actual plan," Rock said.

When the new season of Saturday Night Live premieres this weekend, Rock will return as host. Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden for the cold opening debate sketch opposite Alec Baldwin's Trump. Rock told DeGeneres that he and Carrey actually watched the real debate together, and he was amazed how Carrey would not only snap into Biden but also Trump, and Carrey even threw in a little Clint Eastwood.