Chris Rock's Best 'Saturday Night Live' Moments

Chris Rock BET Awards - H 2014
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Chris Rock BET Awards - H 2014

The comedian talked about race in a way no other castmember has managed to

Chris Rock is headed back to Saturday Night Live this week — and we're guessing he's going to have plenty to say. When he was part of the cast from 1990 to 1993, the actor-comedian routinely commented about race on Weekend Update, and there are plenty of examples of that below.

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Before Rock heads back to SNL, where he hasn't hosted since 1996, brush up on what he did so well during his time on SNL. For starters, there's this guest appearance from 2012.

Obama vs. Clinton 

Ah, 2012. Democrats were trying to decide whether Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama would be their nominee — a groundbreaking choice no matter what. Rock noted that the media almost treated it as a contest between which group had suffered more, black men or white women? Rock argued that the suffering of white women was nothing compared to the suffering of black men. "White women burned their bras. Black men were burned alive." 

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Why There Will Never Be a Black Vice President

Here's a nice piece of history to pair with the Obama video. Rock argued that speculation that President George Bush (Sr.) would tap Colin Powell for vice president was wrong — because a black man would immediately assassinate the president so there could be an African-American commander in chief. 

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White Person's Guide to Surviving the Apollo

The Apollo can be a tough room — especially if you're white. But for a performer wanting to make it, Rock has you covered. 


Peanuts Rant 

In the 1992 season opener, Rock ranted against Peanuts' use of the only African-American character, Franklin, whom he said had no personality. "Twenty-five years, not one line. Nothing!" Rock said, noting every other character had something that made him or her unique. "Linus got the blanket. Lucy's a bitch. Schroeder plays the piano. Peppermint Pattie's a lesbian."


Racy Racism Editorial

What's amazing about this is that it aired. Today we really can't imagine SNL going for something that uses the N-word (and a number of other racial slurs).

What were your favorite Rock memories from SNL? Let us know in the comments!

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