'Twilight: New Moon' Director Chris Weitz Plans a Post-Apocalyptic Young-Adult Novel Series

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The film veteran is taking on an entirely new project, with a trilogy of young-adult works that may pave the way for the next book-to-screen franchise.

Chris Weitz, who directed The Twilight Saga: New Moon, About a Boy and the original American Pie, has his sights set on a new project that will put his writing skills to the test. According to The New York Times, his publisher at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of the Hatchette Group Book announced that Weitz is set to author a trilogy of post-apocalyptic novels geared toward teen readers.

Megan Tingley, a publisher at the division stated, “Chris Weitz offers a premise that is completely provocative and irresistible for teens: What if we ran the world?” Tingley went on to claim, “We were impressed by his ability to tell a timely and compelling story that is every bit as vivid on the page as it would be on the screen.”

Perhaps this is Weitz taking a stab at his own book-to-screen franchise, a la the Twilight and Hunger Games series. Whatever the case, he's certainly no novice when it comes to these types of transformations, having successfully adapted plenty of the material he's directed over the years, including The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Golden Compass.

"The Young World," the first of the three-book series, is set to hit bookstores in spring 2014.

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