Chrissy Teigen Launches New Body Glow and Lipgloss, Talks Daughter Luna’s Makeup Play

Courtesy of BECCA Cosmetic
Chrissy Teigen launches her latest Becca x Chrissy beauty collaboration.

"I think all of us children of the ‘80s and ‘90s really took pride in how much body glitter we could wear and then the trend kind of died out, so we’re bringing it back in a chic way,” says Teigen.

Last night we met up in Malibu with spirited model-foodie-author-mom Chrissy Teigen (also a social media star with over 18.8 million Instagram followers) to celebrate her latest, limited-edition Becca x Chrissy beauty collab. It was a family affair with husband John Legend, daughter Luna (donning an ethereal pink dress with matching fairy wings and a sparkly ladylike handbag) and both grandmas on hand at the seaside party. Not to mention shirtless men serving sushi.

Teigen first teamed up with with Becca on a successful Glow Face Palette ($46) last May and her latest three products are a shimmery, scented Glow Body Oil ($42), an Endless Bronze & Glow facial powder compact ($38) with a bronzer and two highlighters, and a Glow Gloss lip gloss ($22) in three colors: sandy pink, mauvy rose and pearly berry. Here’s what Teigen had to say, because the girl simply cannot be edited.

Congrats on John's ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Emmy nomination; so he’s almost an EGOT? "John’s pretty cool. This is almost John’s celebration; he blessed us with his presence here tonight. He’s really excited. He’s very happy. It’s almost an EGGGOT because he also has the Golden Globe, which doesn’t count. It should count, I say!"

I hear you were into body glitter as a kid; is that that where the body oil inspiration started? "I think all of us children of the ‘80s and ‘90s really took pride in how much body glitter we could wear and then the trend kind of died out, so we’re bringing it back in a chic way. It doesn’t smell like bubblegum and it’s not a thick gel like it used to be or a rollerball; it’s something really classy. You put in on your decolletage, your collarbones and shoulders, or in your hair. It can go anywhere. I even put it down my nose. It’s just a beautiful body glow to have on the beach."

And the oil has notes of floral, bergamot and sandalwood? "Yes, the floral is jasmine. I couldn’t decide on the scent, because obviously I love food and being in the kitchen. I love sweet smells like vanilla and cinnamon and I wanted that so badly. But I realized, as I started scent testing and passed it around to friends whose opinion I respected (mostly John and Luna) that they really loved this fresher, cleaner scent and I started to agree with them. I gave my nose a break for a week and then we brought it back and I smelled it again and I knew that it was perfect. I want to smell good for my husband, so I don’t pick a perfume without him smelling it, and I think we picked the right one."


My glow queen. #BeccaXChrissy

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So you’re a gloss girl? "Yes, I am, because it’s so easy. With lipstick, you have to do the liner and you kind of need a mirror. With a lip gloss, I can sort of find my reflection in my clutch bag and still put it on."

Any beauty shortcuts you’ve learned as a mom of two? "Less of everything, honestly. It’s so nice to have a compact that’s a one-stop shop, which is what we’ve done with the bronzer. You can use your finger on a little highlighter and do it down your nose or blend all three shades together and have this beautiful cheek glow. It’s about being able to highlight the features you love the most. I do lips and cheeks and hide everything else with a huge pair of sunglasses. It’s goof-proof, which I need, because I do everything really quickly; I want something I can use in the car!"

Has Luna tried out makeup yet? "She’s used everything! When it comes, I have to hide the boxes from her because she goes, ‘Oh, presents!’ She thinks everything is for her. She’s very selfish. Everything in the world is created for Luna. What we’ve learned to do now is not teach her that these things open, so she’s happy applying them closed. She’ll smack her lips and say, ‘Good?’ And I say, ‘Yes, it’s perfect!’ We take the powder out and she just messes with the brush and the compact case. But she loves watching me do makeup. She loves supplying lotion. She sits on the ground and helps me apply my lotions. I think it’s one of the cutest things about her age is how helpful they want to be; they don’t know that you’re bossing them around. I’m like, ‘Luna, can you help me put on my lotion?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah!’"


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Have your dogs tried out the new Ouai dog shampoo by your stylist Jen Atkin, who is leaving soon for her own party?  "Yeah, Jen has a dueling party tonight. It’s so funny because I said that she could take our dogs, but she said ‘No.’ We have two Frenchies and a big bulldog guy. I will say that I feel bad for them that they’re not at Jen’s party because I hear that it’s a dog rager. They would have their hair done and they’re very good bathers. If we could have combined these two parties, it would have just been amazing chaos with dogs and gold food; so good! The dogs are probably taken care of better than we are. They see the doctor about once a week, usually for their wrinkles and nose dryness. We put Aquaphor on their noses."

If you could be the beauty police, what trends would you ban? "Most of the time, I’m just jealous that other people can pull off these incredible things like gold leaf on their eyelids or rainbow lips. One, I wish I ever had the energy to sit down and do something like that. And, two, that I had somewhere to go that I could wear that — I go to Ralphs [supermarket] and that’s not gonna fly there."

So have you sent President Trump your bronzing compact? Looks like he might need some tips in that department. "I don’t know what he’s using, but I think he could use some help, for sure!"